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In an ever-changing healthcare market, positioning your practice for sustained growth is critical. McKesson Practice Consulting Solutions can help you develop actionable plans that address financial challenges and prepare your practice for measurable success.


New! - ACOs May Create Financial Opportunities for Specialty Practices (PDF 405KB)
A new healthcare paradigm built around the Accountable Care Organization (ACO) is steadily taking shape, but exactly what effect this new world will have on physician compensation remains far from clear. Even so, practices must be prepared to transition away from fee-for-service, commodity-based pricing or risk suffering in the long run. Why? Because the goal to reduce unnecessary healthcare services will, by definition, reduce volume for some specialties. Fortunately, there are several things that physicians can do to understand the nature and implications of the ACO model, and develop the flexibility necessary to thrive in a volume-constrained environment while delivering quality care.

All Physicians Wear Lab Coats and Nine Other Myths Healthcare Executives Need to Know (PDF 89KB)
Learn the 10 common misconceptions about how to engage physicians and drive productivity in an employed or independent group practice.

The Integration Continuum: Multiple Options Exist to Maximize Integration Benefits for Physicians and Hospitals (PDF 373KB)
Growing economic pressures and the prospect of sweeping changes in healthcare are driving new interest in integration between physicians, physician groups and hospitals. A range of incremental integration opportunities are available including employment and other options depending on the needs of both parties.

The Power of Partnership: Doctors, Hospitals Benefit from MSOs (PDF 193KB)
As the day-to-day operation of physician practices and ancillary services becomes increasingly complex and costly, management services organizations (MSOs) are emerging as ideal vehicles for addressing the needs of physician groups, other service providers and hospitals alike.

Hospital-Physician Integration: Subsidiary Physician Approach Offers Multiple Benefits (PDF 162KB)
A variety of business models exist to accommodate operational and strategic integration. These traditional approaches, including joint ventures, physician-hospital organizations, and physician-employment agreements remain viable. However, a lesser-known alternative, subsidiary physician company (SPC), is gaining ground and represents - for many radiology practices - perhaps the most effective means of achieving hospital integration.

Outpatient Joint Ventures, Part I: Strategic Planning (PDF 252KB)

Outpatient Joint Ventures, Part II: Due Diligence (PDF 225KB)
This two-part series focuses on joint ventures. Part 1 deals with the strategic thinking that must precede creation of a joint venture. Part 2 discusses the due diligence process used to determine if a joint venture can be viable.

Financial and Infrastructure Implications of Physician Employment (PDF 464KB)
Physician employment by hospitals has been on the rise for several years. Given the current state of the economy, physicians increasingly are seeking alternative employment.

Medical Home Holds Promise for Strengthening Healthcare Delivery (PDF 318KB)
Even as proposed insurance and payor reforms garner most of the attention in the national healthcare debate, a growing number of providers are quietly moving ahead with efforts to fundamentally restructure the healthcare delivery system. Perhaps the most promising of these initiatives involve the so-called medical home, a patient-focused, team-oriented delivery model that gives designated physicians new responsibilities for coordinating all elements of the patient care process.


Hospital and Physician Integration - time: 7:02


New! - Era of Accountability: Shared risks, rewards, and responsibilities Webinar
This webinar will provide insights from our featured speakers on the following: How will ACOs affect physician practices and hospitals? Should your organization get involved? What financial risks will you face? What does the concept of shared rewards mean? How can you improve the quality of patient care and start to control costs?

New! - Era of Accountability: Shared risks, rewards, and responsibilities Power Point Presentation (PDF 2MB)

Top 10 Revenue Protection Strategies in 2010
• Learn the top financial trends affecting radiologists in 2010
• Learn how one group successfully managed a billing conversion transition

Integration Strategies for Radiology: Developing a Blueprint for Success
• Gain a better understanding of the breadth of possible integration strategies for radiologists

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